"32 Pacific White-sided dolphins were captured in 2012/2013. 8 were killed and 24 went to live-capture. " more info/source

this is what you support if you’re pro-cap

Hardly. The connection between Taiji and alliance parks is so small it’s virtually nonexistent:

Seaworld has directly purchased animals from the Taiji drive hunts before. Kamogawa Seaworld is rather infamous for its involvement with Port of Nagoya, which is in turn notorious for buying animals from Taiji on a regular basis. KSW has itself kept animals obtained from the drive hunts. If you want to be seen condemning something like drive hunts, you don’t do business deals with companies that support them.
And there’s no such thing as a something for nothing with these sorts of deals, either. Seaworld is getting Kirara, but what are KSW getting out of the deal? Funny how this deal is coming to light at a time when Seaworld’s parks are stuffed full of orca that are genetically useless to them, but would be very valuable to Kamogawa, who currently have no breeding male and a bunch of closely related animals. Port of Nagoya could really use some new blood too. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of SW whales ended up in Japan over the next few years.
I mean, they did Iceland to Japan whale transport just fine during the 80’s. I’m sure it’d be a piece of cake to do US to Japan transports, and all the parks win. Breeding males for Kamogawa, possibly some genetic diversity introduced for Port of Nagoya, and SW gets to offload all the spare Tilikum offspring they’ve got dotted around the US and Tenerife. The only ones that lose out are the animals, as usual. 

Yes, Seaworld purchased from Taiji… in the late 1980’s along with the Miami Seaquarium and Indy Zoo. That’s over 20 years ago and as far as I’m aware they have no plans to import any more animals from Taiji, not that they could even if they tried. If GA can’t get animals directly caught in Russia, no way SW can get them from Taiji. The permit would never be approved. 
Saying going to SW is supporting Taiji is almost like saying going to SW is supporting Icelandic whale captures. 
I don’t see how the animals would be loosing in that situation. First of all, if anyone has any info on the last time SWK bought from Taiji, I’d be really interested in seeing it! From scanning ceta-base it seems they did not obtain any from 2014-2012. Back to the point, if SWK got involved in SW breeding loans that would be great for the animals! It would virtually demolish their need to resort to buying from drive fisheries! By working with institutions like SWK, they could cut out a significant source of profit for Taiji. God knows we need new blood in the lag breeding pool, starting breeding loans and importing captive-born animals is a great way to keep money away from drive fisheries and capture operations in general. I sincerely hope SW gets orca breeding loans started with SWK! I believe SWK needs to improve their facilities first, but once they do I think sending Ike and Nakai would be a great idea! Also I almost fully support PoN importing SW animals, they need it more than SWK. I’m not sure why they haven’t allowed their orcas into the main pool yet, but should they devote that entire complex to orcas, they would have plenty of room for (perhaps) Malia and Makaio or Unna and Tuar.  
What stopped Seaworld from buying whales from Iceland? Kalina’s birth. They didn’t need to once they had a semi-successful breeding program. Hopefully by starting these aquariums on breeding programs they can shut out a good amount of Taiji’s business.

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26. Malia
In the wild, mother orcas pass their parenting knowledge on to their calves, a lifelong bond that is critical for the success of the species. However, over multiple generations of captive breeding in marine parks, this bond is apparently deteriorating. A prime example of such social abnormality is exhibited by the young orca Malia. Malia is a second generation captive-bred orca born to Taima (deceased). A few months after Malia was born, her mother began acting aggressively towards her and repeatedly chased her, raked her with her teeth, and even beached her. As a consequence, Malia grew up fast and began eating fish and acting independent at 4 months old.  At the age of 2, Malia started showing abnormal behaviors, floating listlessly in her pool in a tranced state. If one day she becomes a mother, will Malia know how to raise her calf?

Geez, it would be nice if you knew what you were talking about.Malia’s mother, Taima, was violent with her calves for one reason - her little sister.
When Taima was little, her mother had another calf who was born sick (this would have happened in the wild as well), and mom Gudrun does what animals sometimes do with sick offspring - she tried to kill her. Taima saw this, and thought that’s how you care for calves. So, that’s what she did with hers.
It has nothing to do with “generations of captivity fucked them up”.

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things you should not do in the captivity debate

take things personally

do not take things personally


don’t do it

Hugo was in a plane flying to Miami for 85 days?



That’s what the site said. I had a hard time believing it myself. Don’t worry 😐

I have his flight at 8 hours? X

that’s impossible who would believe that?

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I'm writing a pro-captivity paper and I'd love it if you'd educate me on stereotypical behaviors, loud music/fireworks, cetacean rights, and anything else you have comments on. Thanks! :)

I’d love to help!! Would you be willing to come off anon, though? Those are pretty broad topics that I feel are better suited for private conversation! If not it’s totally fine, but could you possibly specify what you’re looking for?  


"32 Pacific White-sided dolphins were captured in 2012/2013. 8 were killed and 24 went to live-capture. " more info/source

this is what you support if you’re pro-cap

Hardly. The connection between Taiji and alliance parks is so small it’s virtually nonexistent:

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P5084111 by Estel Moore on Flickr.

Adan, a suffering captive at Loro Parque, with huge rakes (?) on his chin, 2012.  More at the source.      

Seriously, what the hell is that?

These are old and healed, but I don’t think they looked much like rakes. More like an injury from part of the tank. 

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oops I made another one

This would preserve historic value whilst remaining with the times in order to be humane and provide the appeal of novelty.