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Just wanted to say how awesome your mock-ups of a new Shamu Stadium look. It just has me imagining what Blue Horizons or even a new show could be for the dolphins at the current Shamu stadium. I'd say it's definitely time that side of the lake gets filled in and this is the perfect time to do it. Nice work and am looking forward to seeing a completed version! :)

Thank you so much! I appreciate the support and I’m glad it got someone else thinking besides me! It takes a lot of time to make these things and with college I’m not sure when I’ll find that time but messages like these really get me motivated to keep working and, again, I appreciate them a lot! 

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Even if they had all the money in the world, it wouldn't be possible to build a whole new Shamu complex. For one they don't have the space and two, where are they suppose to put the whales? This applies to every single SeaWorld park.


For one, they definitely have room in San Antonio, they have room in Orlando if they fill in the lake and there is plenty of uninhabited land around San Diego that could be used. 

If new shamu stadiums were built in different areas, where they put the whales wouldn’t be a problem. If it was built over where shamu stadium currently is, they could build in stages, which I kind of made a graphic on


In six days, the horrific slaughter will once again begin.
Every year in September dolphins are herded into the infamous #the cove. The dolphins are slaughtered mercilessly (see the quota in an earlier post) the ones not slaughtered will be taken by marine mammal trainers for swim with the dolphin programs and shows.
By supporting marine parks who do this, you are supporting the slaughter.
So what can you do?
Donate to @dolphin_project Or save Japan’s Dolphins.  Volunteer, right a letter to the Japanese embassy. Sign a petition!
But most of all DONT BUY A TICKET to marine parks that have cetaceans.
#taiji #stoptheslaughter #dolphins #procap #anticap #whales #thecove #blackfish

hello, fun fact, not all marine parks participate in drive fisheries and boycotting them does nothing to help Japanese dolphins at all. To check to see if the facility you plan on visiting is at all involved in Taiji, see if they are on this list. If they are, they have not been involved with drive fisheries for 20+ years! 

Hello! I would just like to let you know that Seaworld filters their water with ozone, NOT chlorine. It sadly is not natural sea water, but it is not loaded up with dangerous chemicals.



really? I was always told and always thought that SeaWorld, or most marine parks like SeaWorld, uses chlorinated water. people reported smelling the chlorine because it was so strong and some animals eyes were damaged due to the chemicals. I’m not sure which places these are, I’m not that great with remembering things like that, but I do remember reading articles and posts about it. does anyone else know?

I’m sure you have seen a few of our answers on other posts, but just in case you didn’t, San Diego uses natural ocean water (located on the bay/beach so there is easy access) and San Antonio and Orlando use a form of synthetic salt water. The water is filtered using ozone!



Orkid mimics a child during the Shamu show, Believe, at Sea World in San Diego, California. 
Fact: Orkid is rumored to be the most intelligent orca in captivity. 

 ORKID <33333

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I want y’all to know I desperately want to respond to your posts but I have been sitting in 90 degree heat for 48 hours and I CANNOT THINK STRAIGHT